One Month Special COLAs and Jobshares Offered for February

One Month Special COLAs and Jobshares Offered for February

Date: January 13, 2017
Type: AFA Article

In accordance with Section 15.B. of our JCBA additional jobshares and one month Special COLAs are being offered for the month of February. These special COLAs are available for all pre-merger CAL and UAL Flight Attendants. It is not anticipated that Special COLAs will be awarded at the following bases due to manpower requirements: 

  • Pre-merger UAL: Unimatic command DSPFAI (UAL) - When completing the DIS page enter the schedule month dates of 01/30/17 - 03/01/17. Please also remove any unwanted requests by the deadline.Requests should be on file by Monday, January 16, 2017, at 0800 CST via:
  • Pre-Merger CAL: Filling out the form titled additional leaves/jobshare requests. This form can be found on United’s Flying Together website > Inflight Services > Crew Scheduling > S-CO and S-CMI > Partnership/Job splits and COLA > Additional leaves/jobshare requests.  Once you have completed the form please email it to:

In the email subject line, please include your Base (for the month of February), Employee ID, and your name in that order. Deadline is Monday, January 16 by 08:00 Central Time

For additional information please see your base supervisor.