CQ CBT Glitches: Follow the Proper Reporting Guidelines

CQ CBT Glitches: Follow the Proper Reporting Guidelines

Date: February 3, 2017
Type: AFA Article

We have received a number of phone calls regarding Flight Attendants having issues with the 2017 Continuing Qualification (CQ) Computer Based Training (CBT). These concerns have varied from freezing screens, missing components to questions, and reduction in the percentage completion for any module where there have been issues affecting its completion.

Your MEC Officers together with the MEC Safety Committee have been in contact with United management to express our concerns for those who are rapidly approaching a CQ deadline.  The company has assured us that anyone who is unable to complete a section or progress forward will receive the necessary assistance, but Flight Attendants should follow the guidance provided.

Flight Attendants experiencing any glitch while completing CBTs must follow the steps listed below:

  • Call United’s Take Off Learning IT Support desk at 877-825-3729, option 7. You must report your concerns, work with the IT personnel, and follow the guidance provided.
  • There may be a re-launch of a particular section of the CBT, which could require repeating a module. 

In each instance a ticket number will be issued and sent to the Flight Attendant’s united.com company e-mail address.

If the Flight Attendant is unable to achieve resolution after working with United’s Take-Off learning IT Support (and this may require more than one phone call or reset) please contact your Local Council for additional assistance.

We recommend Flight Attendants experiencing difficulties take screen shots or photos logging their point of completion to ensure they have a record of their progress completion.  

For additional information please see your Local Council