E-Lines: February 14, 2017

E-Lines: February 14, 2017

Date: February 14, 2017
Type: Dear AFA

Congratulations and Welcome to Our Union Family Class 1626

We congratulate the Flight Attendants from Class 1626 on completion of their 180-day probationary period with United Airlines.  You have now officially joined the world’s largest Union of Flight Attendants!

Make Yourself Familiar with 777-300ER Alert Bulletin

United’s new 777-300ER was delivered on December 21, 2016 and is scheduled to make its first official flight debut on February 16, 2017. Initially, the 366 seat wide-body aircraft will fly domestically between Newark Liberty Airport and San Francisco, before it will be released into our international markets. Shortly after delivery from Boeing, United issued Revision #19, which is currently in effect and was due in your eFOAM, on February 1. On Sunday, February 12, United issued an Alert Bulletin for the 777-300ER concerning the following location changes for several pieces of emergency and required equipment:

  • Bassinets - 5R (2) dropdown ceiling compartment
  • LTD Kits - 5R (5) dropdown ceiling compartments
  • Polar Suits - 5L dropdown ceiling compartment

Included in the same ALERT are the locations of the two closets aft of the self service unit, one on each side. Additionally, the ALERT reiterated the restriction of occupying the forward facing jumpseats, located at 2L and 2R, during taxi, takeoff and landing. However, inflight usage is permitted. (ex: turbulence)

Please make yourself familiar with these important changes by reviewing the Alert Bulletin posted in Flying Together and the United News app.

(UAL) Final Reminder - Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits Open Enrollment Concludes Friday, February 17, 2017

The AFA United MEC Benefits Committee is sending a reminder that Open Enrollment for Aflac/CAIC voluntary supplemental insurance benefits for pre-merger United Flight Attendants is still available. There are three days left to enroll. 

Insurance plans include Short-Term Disability, Accident, Critical Illness (including cancer coverage), and Hospital Indemnity. All policy premiums will be payroll deducted for your convenience. The site has plan summaries, rates and a question and answer document

Go to unitedafa.org and choose “Aflac” from the scrolling banner. From here, you can enroll on the web through the self-service enrollment option, or call 866-715-5847 to have licensed benefits educators help and enroll you by phone. If you are a current policyholder and would like enrollment assistance, please contact our Broker, Tina Jeffrey of Design Benefits at: 888-772-1144 extension 105.

AFA Listening Tour: First Stop LAX – Thursday, February 16, 2017

We are launching an AFA Listening Tour this winter and spring with Local, MEC and International Officers. We want to hear from you! 

Our Union is not an institution. It's you, me and all of aviation's first responders. To ensure our Union is reflecting the priorities of Flight Attendants today, these meetings seek to gather your questions, concerns and ideas.

Our first meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2017, in Los Angeles where we have Local Councils from Alaska, Compass, Hawaiian, and United. We'll have MEC, Local and International Presidents from all four airlines to ensure we can address your questions and concerns. All Flight Attendants are welcome! 

First Listening Tour Meeting: Los Angeles

February 16, 2017
11 am - 2 pm

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

6101 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90045


AFA Officers Scheduled to Attend: 

Sara Nelson, AFA International President
Jeffrey Peterson, AFA Alaska MEC President
Timothy Green, AFA Alaska LAX President
Mike Nelson, AFA Compass MEC President
Brandon Stone, AFA Compass LAX President
Sharon Soper, AFA Hawaiian MEC President
Melissa Hooper, AFA Hawaiian LAX President
Ken Diaz, AFA United MEC President
Dante Harris, AFA United LAX President

Additional locations to be announced soon. 

System Seniority List 30-day Protest Period Ends, February 18, 2017

As a result of certain omissions from the System Seniority list that was posted in early January, a corrected System Seniority list was posted on January 19, 2017. These omissions were identified by the Union, and working with Labor Relations and Scheduling representatives, these omissions were corrected generating the new list. As a result, the 30-day period provided for under Section 14.C. to protest errors or omissions re-started January 19, 2017, marking the start of the new 30-day period for all Flight Attendants with the exception of those Flight Attendants on vacation, LOA, etc.   Flight Attendants were notified of the reposting and re-starting of the 30-day protest period by e-mail.  In addition, a supplemental CCS message was sent to all pre-merger CAL Flight Attendants. All protests to January 19, 2017 seniority list need to be made by February 18, 2017.

If you have additional questions, please contact the office of the MEC Secretary Treasurer at mecsec@unitedafa.org