Follow Procedures When Reporting Suspected Human Trafficking

Follow Procedures When Reporting Suspected Human Trafficking

Date: January 31, 2017
Type: AFA Article

Super Bowl 51 is scheduled to kick off this weekend, February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Mega events like the Super Bowl, are magnets for human traffickers. During the time of the Super Bowl we ask every Flight Attendant to be vigilant of the situations around you. As Flight Attendants, we are uniquely positioned to identify human traffickers and assist their victims. Flight crews are skilled observers and we are on the frontline against this horrific crime.

Procedures when Human Trafficking is suspected have recently been added to our eFAOM’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) section. In this section, United has outlined procedures and exact verbiage that should be used and what to look for when Human Trafficking is suspected.  

As a reminder, anyone who suspects a human trafficking incident on the aircraft should ensure they use the words “Suspected Human Trafficking” when speaking with the cockpit. Using this verbiage ensures that the appropriate ground authority personnel are contacted.  Refer to the Security section – Threat Level One guidance.

It should be pointed out that our AFA International Office has provided additional information on Human Trafficking which is available on our website. This information is intended to supplement our knowledge on how to best address any instance where Human Trafficking is suspected. Let’s stand together and stay proactive in our fight against human trafficking!