Make Yourself Familiar with 777-300ER Alert Bulletin

Make Yourself Familiar with 777-300ER Alert Bulletin

Date: February 14, 2017
Type: AFA Article

United’s new 777-300ER was delivered on December 21, 2016 and is scheduled to make its first official flight debut on February 16, 2017. Initially, the 366 seat wide-body aircraft will fly domestically between Newark Liberty Airport and San Francisco, before it will be released into our international markets. Shortly after delivery from Boeing, United issued Revision #19, which is currently in effect and was due in your eFOAM, on February 1. On Sunday, February 12, United issued an Alert Bulletin for the 777-300ER concerning the following location changes for several pieces of emergency and required equipment:

  • Bassinets - 5R (2) dropdown ceiling compartment
  • LTD Kits - 5R (5) dropdown ceiling compartments
  • Polar Suits - 5L dropdown ceiling compartment

Included in the same ALERT are the locations of the two closets aft of the self service unit, one on each side. Additionally, the ALERT reiterated the restriction of occupying the forward facing jumpseats, located at 2L and 2R, during taxi, takeoff and landing. However, inflight usage is permitted. (ex: turbulence)

Please make yourself familiar with these important changes by reviewing the Alert Bulletin posted in Flying Together and the United News app.